Our Services

Our LGBT+ helpline is open Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm

0333 772 7724

Have a confidential chat with our LGBT+ volunteer now or TEXT us anytime on

0746 222 5091 for a call back at a time to suit you

We have fully qualified volunteers who can help you if you’ve been a victim of same sex domestic and/or sexual violence and abuse, hate crime or bullying at anytime in your life. We do not work for anyone except you and you will not be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. We offer free support and advice to over 18’s.

Chat with an experienced LGBT+ volunteer

1-1 LGBT+ focused counselling and mentoring

LGBT+ Independent Domestic Violence Advisor

LGBT+ Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

LGBT+ Independent Young Peoples Advisor

Safe space for LGBT+ at risk of domestic and/or sexual violence with 1-1 support

More About Us

In 2015 Durham Pride UK was formed as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to promote equality and diversity for the public benefit and in particular the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity of those living in County Durham and the surrounding areas. We are registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales: Number 1159910

Durham Pride UK could not operate without Trustees and volunteers helping us along the way. We are an inclusive charity that welcomes anyone who identifies or supports an inclusive and diverse County Durham and will help us champion an end to LGBT+ discrimination, in all its forms.

What We Have Done So Far

We have spent time cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity in particular through celebrating the diversity of the LGBT+ community. We have staged annual Prides and many smaller events, including regular socials for the LGBT+ community and allies in a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Our specialist work continues supporting victims of same sex domestic and sexual violence and we are training more frontline services to help respond to victims and survivors following disclosure. 


We need financial help to do this work. If you would like to donate to our organisation please click on the below link, which you will be directed to the Local Giving website.